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Register for Classes

Current Students: There are two ways to register: 1) in person or 2) through your student access in EMPOWER.

To access EMPOWER:

1.  Click HERE;

2.  Log in to your account;

3.  Under "Global Variables" select the appropriate semester (Example: "SP-14" for Spring 2014, "FA-14" for fall 2014, etc.).

4.  If you know the courses that you want, you may enter them in under Course Registration located in the Student Records tab.  If you are not sure what classes are available, you may view those under Course Offering/Schedule also located in the Student Records tab.


New Students (a new student is someone that has not been admitted or registered for classes at SCTC) CLICK HERE


For additional information and assistance, please see the Admissions/Registrar page HERE.

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