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Associate of Arts
Native American Studies Program


The mission of the Native American Studies Program is to assist students in obtaining the NAS degree through an intensive study of the Anishinaabek and other Indigenous Peoples from historical and contemporary perspectives.

Upon graduating from the NAS Program, our students will be able to:

  • Communication

    • Express and exchange ideas through written and oral communication;

  • Critical Thinking

    • Analyze the contemporary and cultural issues of Indigenous Peoples;

  • Cultural Awareness & Appreciation

    • Demonstrate awareness of diverse cultural perspectives of Anishinaabek and other Indigenous Peoples;

    • Demonstrate an elementary proficiency in Anishinaabemowin.

In addition to the General Education Requirements, students must complete 31 credits from the following courses, for a total of 62 or more credits.

Required Courses (19):
CPT 112 Introduction to Computer Technology (3)
OJB 101 Ojibwe Language I (3)
OJB 102 Ojibwe Language II (3)
NAS 238 Native American Law and Policy (3)
NAS 261 Survey of Native American History (3)
NAS 270 Globalization (3)
CS 299 Graduate Seminar (1)

Required 12 credit hours from the following:
ART 111 Beadwork I (3)
ART 211 Beadwork II (3)
BIO 216 Native American Plants and Medicines (3)
BIO 216A Native American Plants and Medicines-Lab (2)

NAS 103 Survey of Native American Studies (3)
NAS 156 Anishinaabe Crafts (3)
OJB 201 Ojibwe Language III (3)
OJB 202 Ojibwe Language IV (3)
NAS 218 Native American Environmental Issues (3)
NAS 230 Reclaiming and Revitalizing Anishinaabemowin
NAS 250 Anishinaabe Art (3)
NAS 254 Contemporary Native American Art (3)
NAS 259 Anishinaabe History: Beginnings to 1600 (3)
NAS 260 Anishinaabe History: 1600 to the Present (3)
NAS 284 Native American Religion (3)
NAS 290-299 Special Topics in Native American Studies (3)

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