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Associate of Arts
Liberal Arts Program


The mission of the Liberal Arts Program is to prepare students in demonstrating competency in course work across disciplines and ready them to transfer to a four-year degree program, acquire the necessary skills to enter the 21st-century workforce, and/or assist him or her in becoming a socially responsible citizen.


Upon graduating from the Liberal Arts Program, our students will be able to:

  • Communication

    • Identify, evaluate, and effectively communicate various ideas across the liberal arts disciplines;

  • Critical Thinking

    • Demonstrate critical thinking and analysis skills within subjects in the liberal arts disciplines;

  • Cultural Awareness & Appreciation

    • Recognize and acknowledge their civic responsibility within the community and larger society.

In addition to the General Education Requirements (see page 22), students must complete 31 credits from the following courses, for a total of 62 or more credits.

Required Courses (13):
OJB 101 Ojibwa Language I (3) or SPN 101 Spanish I (3)
ENG 150 Introduction to Literature (3)
PSC 120 American Government (3)
CPT 112 Introduction to Computers (3)
CS 299 Graduate Seminar (1)

Additional requirements (18):
History Elective (3)
Science Elective (3)
Social Science Elective (3)
1 Elective - Any discipline (100 or 200 level) (3)
2 Electives - Any discipline (200 level) (6)

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