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Grade Grievances - Grade Grievance Procedure

The following process will be used if a student wishes to pursue a grade grievance:


1. Grade grievances apply to final grades only and must be pursued within 30 calendar days of the grade being issued.

2. The student must first try to resolve any grading issue with the instructor.

3. If the student is unable to resolve the issue with the instructor, a grade grievance should be submitted in writing to the Dean of Academics. A grade grievance must provide, in detail, the student’s reasons for disagreeing with the grade and must be based on one or more of the following*:

  • The grade was not given in accordance with the grading standards as provided in writing by the instructor.

  • Grading standards were not applied equitably in comparison to other students’ grades.

  • There was bias or ill-will toward the student.

  • An error was made in computing the final grade.


*Any claims of the above must be substantiated in writing.

4. The Dean of Instruction will communicate with the instructor and student to attempt an informal resolution to the grade grievance within five working days.

5. If an informal resolution cannot be reached, both parties will be requested to submit documentation to the Grade Grievance Committee, which is made up of the Registrar, Dean of Students, and faculty appointed by the Dean of Academics in the area of expertise of the grade being grieved. The committee will meet within five working days, review the issue, and request a meeting with the instructor and student.

6. Within five working days, the committee will provide, in writing, their decision to the Dean of Academic, the instructor, and the student. The committee decision is final.

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