Native American Studies

Upon completion of the Associate of Arts in Native American Studies program, the student will have completed an intensive study of the Anishinaabek and other Native Americans from historical and contemporary perspectives.

Goal 1: Students will be able to compare and contrast the historical experiences and cultural expression of the Anishinaabek people with other Native North Americans, and other Indigenous peoples.

Goal 2: Students will be able to identify the impact of Native American historical experiences on contemporary Native American identity.

Goal 3: Students will demonstrate an elementary proficiency of Ojibwa language.

In addition to the General Education Requirement (see page 25), students must complete nine of the following three credit courses, for a total of 61 or more credits. Students must also maintain a portfolio of their work throughout completion of the Native American Studies degree program.

Required Courses

  • NAS 101 Ojibwa Language I
  • NAS 102 Ojibwa Language II (prerequisite NAS 101)
  • NAS 138 Native American Law and Policy
  • NAS 160 Survey of Native American History
  • NAS 270 Globalization

Students must choose four of the following three credit courses

  • NAS 103 Survey of Native American Studies
  • NAS 156 Anishinaabe Crafts
  • NAS 201 Ojibwa Language III (prerequisite NAS 102)
  • NAS 202 Ojibwa Language IV (prerequisite NAS 201)
  • NAS 218 Native American Environmental Issues
  • NAS 242 Survey of Native American Literature
  • NAS 245 Native American Film
  • NAS 250 Anishinaabe Art
  • NAS 254 Contemporary Native American Art
  • NAS 280 Native American Philosophical Thought
  • NAS 284 Native American Religion
  • NAS 290-299 Special Topics in Native American Studies



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