Liberal Arts

Building upon the General Education Requirement, students completing the Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts program will demonstrate competency in coursework from across the disciplines.

These institutional learning goals are derived from SCTC’s foundational documents1. They are met by the General Education Requirement and are the cornerstone of the Liberal Arts Program. They are also met by coursework from across the curriculum.

  • Goal 1: Students will demonstrate an understanding of Anishinaabe culture and traditional values
  • Goal 2: Students will demonstrate competency in reading, writing and oral communication and numerical literacy
  • Goal 3: Students will demonstrate the ability to gather, analyze, interpret, evaluate, and apply information
  • Goal 4: Students will demonstrate applied knowledge of their physical world
  • Goal 5: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of human experience

In addition, the Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts has as its stated goal:

  • Students will recognize and describe the relationships among academic disciplines

To demonstrate that they have met these goals, students must complete the following in addition to the General Education Requirement for a total of at least 60 credits:

  • NAS 101: Ojibwa Language I
  • Humanities: Students must complete six additional credits of humanities courses.
  • Social Science: Students must complete six additional credits of social science courses.
  • Science: Students must complete one additional science course of at least three credits.
  • HUM 299A: Liberal Arts Capstone with a grade of “C” or better
  • Electives: Students may choose any college level courses to complete the credits needed for this degree.



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