General Education requirement

Upon completion of the General Education Requirement, SCTC students will demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to support a variety of lifelong endeavors.

Learning Goals:
These goals are derived fom SCTC’s foundational documents. They are met by the General
Education Requirement and coursework from across the curriculum.

Students will demonstrate:
•  an understanding of Anishinaabe culture and traditional values
•  competency in reading, writing, oral communication, and numerical literacy
•  the ability to gather, analyze, interpret, evaluate, and apply information
•  applied knowledge of the physical world
•  an understanding of the diversity of human experience

Adopting these goals meets the activity under Strategic Plan Objective 1.1: Develop & implement
campus-wide standardized student learning outcomes.

A.  English:  (9 credit hours)
Students must pass English 101, 102, and 130 with a grade of C or better in each course.

B.  Science:  (4-5 credit hours)
Students must complete a course (with laboratory requirement) from Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, or Physics.

C.  Humanities:  (6 credit hours)
Students may choose two courses from Art, English, History, Philosophy, or Spanish. Native American studies courses cannot count for the humanities requirement.

D.  Social Science:  (6 credit hours)
Students may choose two courses from Anthropology, Economics, Sociology, Political Science,
Psychology. Native American studies courses cannot count for the social science requirement.

E.  Math:  (3-5 credit hours)
Students must pass Math 105, Intermediate Algebra, or a higher level mathematics class (3-5 cr.), with a grade of C or better.

G.  Native American Studies:  (6 credits)
Students must take ENG 101 Composition I (3), ENG 102 (3) OR ENG 130 Public Speaking; Science w/Lab (5), Science w/lab (5) *Must be in a different discipline, Humanities (3) *Non NAS Course, Social Science (3) * Non NAS Course; MTH 120 Quantitative Reasoning (3); NAS 260 Anishinaabe History (3), NAS 263 Contemporary Native American Issues (3).

Completion of the SCTC General Education Requirement also completes the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).

These credits can be transferred as a block of 30 General Education credits at any participating institution in the State of Michigan.

As of Fall 2014, the MTA agreement replaces the former Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRAO) agreement.

More information on MACRAO/MTA can be found at

Students should check with their transfer institution regarding particular policies that may affect





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