Attendance Policy

Instructors may take attendance and will inform students during the first week, in writing, of attendance requirements.


Instructors will provide attendance sheets to the Registrar's Office for the first two weeks of class for financial aid purposes.


Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered.


A student who is absent from a class misses a portion of the subject matter of the course and misses an opportunity to contribute to class.


Each student is responsible for all course work missed, regardless of the reason.


Prolonged absence from class may result in a loss of financial aid and usually results in a reduction of grade.


Attendance requirements may vary from instructor to instructor. Student travel for college related events is a privilege, not an entitlement.


Students wishing to go on fieldtrips or overnight travel must make arrangements with each of their instructors at least two weeks in advance.


Travel status does not excuse students from due dates or other course requirements. Permission for student travel is at the discretion of each instructor.















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